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A Contest Kickoff Celebration!

Humanitravels is teaming up with Tripping to host a contest kickoff at Reaction Restaurant next Thursday, July 14.  For those of you who don’t know what Tripping is, it is a global network for travelers to exchange travel advice and even homestays.  Definitely check this event out if you love talking about travel or making new friends.  There will be delicious tacos and drink specials, which should be enough incentive to stop by and find out about the contest.  The prize?  A free volunteer trip to Antigua, Guatemala!  Be sure to clear your schedule on July 14 from 6-9 PM for some good food and great company.  Like Humanitravels on Facebook to receive more updates about upcoming events and deals on volunteer opportunities! Hope to see you there!


Humanitravels TV Appearance

Humanitravels has reached a great achievement with their first appearance on television. If you tuned in to ABC7 at 3 PM today, you could learn all about Humanitravels and the volunteer opportunities they offer in Peru and Guatemala. Humanitravels appeared on ABC7’s 7Live show to be their “Voice Box.” Audience members in the voice box can have their voices be heard and can contribute their opinion on the day’s most provocative issues. Check back for the footage from today and see what the fans and people of Humanitravels had to say.

Humanitravels Presents…

Humanitravels has rescheduled the beach cleanup for Saturday July 16.  I’m so excited that this event is on again!  Hopefully the weather stays nice and we don’t have to postpone the event another time.  I love the beach so I can’t wait to be able to give back and keep it clean.  I hope to see you all there!

Also, Humanitravels has a huge event in the works coming up on July 14.  It will be similar to other happy hour events they’ve put on, but the details haven’t been completely worked out yet so keep an eye out for more information.  There will be a competition with an awesome prize at the end.  I will definitely keep you updated on this exciting event so check out the Facebook page for the newest developments.

Special Deals from Humanitravels

For those of you who have graduated, Humanitravels is offering a great promotional deal on their programs.  What better way to spend your summer by taking some time off to explore Latin America?  If you sign up for one of the volunteer programs by June 31, you will receive an extra week for FREE!  Even if you haven’t considered volunteering abroad, this could be a great way to celebrate the end of college and take a break before applying to grad schools or looking for a job.

Another deal that is going on right now is if you book a program that takes place in the destination of the month.  May’s destination of the month is Quetzaltenango or its more pronounceable nickname Xela.  If you book before May 31, then you can receive $150 off your program!  This deal is for everyone, not just recent graduates.  Be sure to take advantage of these money saving deals!

Come to the next Humanitravels Meetup Group event at Jupiter on Tuesday May 31 if you’d like to find out more information on these promotions.  Enjoy some cocktails and delicious food after work or school and meet other people in your area who like to travel.  Check out the Facebook event invitation for more details.

Trivia and Barbeque

Next Wednesday, Humanitravels will be holding a trivia night at the Pub restaurant in Ghirardelli Square.  If you have never been to the Pub before, you definitely need to go.  My boyfriend and I randomly ended up at this restaurant on Valentine’s Day and I can safely say that they had the best barbeque I’ve ever eaten.  Their huge servings make it good for sharing.  I can’t even begin to describe the tastiness of the hush puppies.  Anyways, the point is that you should go test your knowledge while eating delicious food.  The event is next Wednesday, May 11, at 8:00P.M.  Join the Meetup Group for Humanitravels if you want updates on upcoming events.  Hope to see everyone there!

Taco Happy Hour in the Mission

Since this blog is meant to connect you to travel opportunities, I have another awesome event to tell you about.  There is a Taco Happy Hour event in the Mission in San Francisco.  It is the same venue for those of you who went to Hunt for Humanitravels.  It’s happening this Thursday, April 28 from 5-7pm at Reaction Restaurant.  You get to eat delicious tacos and drink beer for practically nothing while you talk about your favorite travel stories.  I personally can’t think of anything else I would rather do on a Thursday night.  So come eat, drink, and mingle with others to figure out what you could be doing for the summer!

Check out the Facebook event invitation!

Hunt for Humanitravel’s Success

Last week, I mentioned an event brought on by the new startup volunteer travel agency Humanitravels.  Their urban scavenger hunt around the Mission area in SF proved to be a hit.  Many from the surrounding area raced to be the first to finish the hunt.  The launch party only marks the beginning of what we are going to see from Humanitravels.  New projects and locations are being added to their programs each day.  The latest project involves saving sea turtles off the coast of Guatemala.  Who doesn’t want to play with baby sea turtles all day?!  For anyone who is looking to do something fun and meaningful over the summer, definitely take a look at the programs that Humanitravels has to offer.

Check out the Facebook page to see pictures and videos from their launch party!