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Life from a different perspective

Have you ever done a travel tour? Not the London open top bus travel but the kind where you sign up for a tour in another country like Latin America? Let’s dream about it for a moment…..where in Guatemala, seeing all the wonders of that country with guides who have toured to the point that the locals recognize them by name and at the local bar “everyone knows, their name”…..still not there? Well you could be there on a bus literally taking in life from another perspective.

There is never a time of year where something like this wouldn’t be exciting. Especially tours that offer  the opportunity to take classes in another language, volunteer in the country, and visit the sites. In the next post we’re going to do a poll on which travel tour in Latin America, you’d love to join or book! Can’t wait to see what comes out on top! For now though we’ll leave you with a link to Volunteer Tours that are going on now with Humanitravels http://humanitravels.com/volunteer-tours

! As you get a better visual of what your travel tour could look like think of who else could join you. Cheers until next time and get ready to VOTE!!!

Thought you couldn’t have it all? well now you can! Volunteer, Travel and Explore with Humanitravels new tour offering! http://ow.ly/61afO

Guatemalan Summer Festivities

Summertime brings festivals, parades, and celebration for the people of Guatemala.  I’d like to highlight a few of the major festivals that take place during the summer in case you are looking for something to do.  If you plan on traveling to Guatemala, it would be a great idea to attend one of these events.  It provides you a chance to experience and learn about Guatemala’s culture and traditions.  You get a chance to see the traditions of the people.  I’ve done some research and I’d love to tell you some of the major festivals you must attend if you’re in Guatemala this summer.

-The Day of Saint James- This day is celebrated on July 25 in La Antigua Guatemala.  The city served as the nation’s capital until an earthquake destroyed the town and the capital moved to its present location of Guatemala City.  The town of Antigua celebrates the city’s original name of Santiago de los Caballeros on the saint’s day for Santiago as a commemoration.  Antigua holds a town fair complete with parades, music, and other thrilling festivities.

The Day of our Lady of the Asuncion- Guatemala City celebrates this day on August 15.  You can see the brotherhood of the Lady of Asuncion passing through the streets of the town on their way to the church in several other towns including Solola.

Independence Day- September 15 marks the day Guatemala declared independence from Spain in 1821.  It is a national holiday that is celebrated throughout the nation.  Several towns hold parades and of course the customary firework display.  The city of Quetzaltenango hosts the largest holiday fair in the country so definitely try to be there during this joyous occasion.

These events are the larger ones that take place during the summer so I recommend visiting these destinations when popular events are taking place.  Not only will the city be alive with cheer and patriotism, but you will be able to experience the cultural traditions of the Guatemala.  Learning about different cultures is the purpose of traveling so take advantage of these events as an opportunity to learn!

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5 Extreme Vacation Activities

When you take a vacation, sometimes it’s nice to relax and unwind by laying out on the beach with a pina colada in hand.  However, if you’re looking for adventure and amazing new experiences, then try some of these extreme sport activities!  It’s not everyday that you can go white water rafting in Costa Rica or bungee jumping off a bridge in Guatemala, so definitely put these on your bucket list if you’re looking for a thrilling, once-in-a-lifetime experience.

  • Ziplining- Imagine if you could fly through the rainforest or down a mountainside.  There are usually a series of ziplines that differ in length and slope in order to get you to the bottom of the mountain.  You are attached to the cables and slide down to get from platform to platform.
  • Bungee Jumping- If you enjoy the feeling of a freefall, then this is the perfect activity for you!  When I was in Costa Rica, a few of the volunteers I lived with ended up going bungee jumping in Monteverde.  You are strapped into a harnass that is connected to an elastic cord, which is connected to a bridge.  You jump off the bridge and bounce until you come to a stop and then pulled back up to where you started.
  • White Water Rafting- Float down a river with a group of your friends on a white water rafting trip! You have a guide that’s in the boat with you so don’t worry about getting lost.  There are different courses to match how intense you want your journey to be.
  • Hang Gliding- In hang gliding, you start from the top of a cliff or another high point and use the hang glider to soar through the air.  You get the chance to fly and see the world from a view you’ve never seen before.
  • Canyoning- I recently heard about this activity and it sounds like an amazing venture to explore these naturally made valleys.  You explore the natural beauty of canyons by walking, swimming, and rock climbing.

If you need some excitement in your life, try these extreme sport activities on your next vacation.  It will surely be a thrilling experience you can share with your family or friends.