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Have you ever done a travel tour? Not the London open top bus travel but the kind where you sign up for a tour in another country like Latin America? Let’s dream about it for a moment…..where in Guatemala, seeing all the wonders of that country with guides who have toured to the point that the locals recognize them by name and at the local bar “everyone knows, their name”…..still not there? Well you could be there on a bus literally taking in life from another perspective.

There is never a time of year where something like this wouldn’t be exciting. Especially tours that offer  the opportunity to take classes in another language, volunteer in the country, and visit the sites. In the next post we’re going to do a poll on which travel tour in Latin America, you’d love to join or book! Can’t wait to see what comes out on top! For now though we’ll leave you with a link to Volunteer Tours that are going on now with Humanitravels http://humanitravels.com/volunteer-tours

! As you get a better visual of what your travel tour could look like think of who else could join you. Cheers until next time and get ready to VOTE!!!

Thought you couldn’t have it all? well now you can! Volunteer, Travel and Explore with Humanitravels new tour offering! http://ow.ly/61afO


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