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Have you been searching for ways to make a difference with your life? well here are a couple that we’ve come up with:

1. Volunteering

Volunteering locally can be so fulfilling, but Volunteering abroad can give an overflow of fulfillment. Just think about it, you could get off a plane in Peru or Guatemala, once you land you could possibly work with endangered species. For reasonable prices and opportunities like this head over to www.humanitravels.com.

2. Give

Once you’ve volunteered abroad you may feel a kinship with the organization you have volunteered for. You’ll probably want to do more after you leave, and you came. While your abroad you get firsthand experience with the people who will receive your donations and know without a doubt your money is going to a great cause that you helping to sustain.

3. Share

Once you’ve been bitten by the bug share your experience with others. Tell them how volunteering abroad and giving have changed your life and encourage them to take the time and experience volunteering abroad. Also be sure to tell them it wasn’t all work, but that you got to see the country while you were there. That’ll seal it; tell them about the group lead trip you took. They’ll be helping your cause in no time and you’ll be able to say you’re a committed humanitarian.

Brian Chu on his Blog here highlights the benefits of his volunteer experiences in Peru. Find the story here.


Comments on: "3 ways to becoming a Humanitarian" (1)

  1. Well said….when you give of yourself, you get so much back in return.

    All the best,

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