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Come Fly with Me

The first step to planning any trip is to figure out how you’re getting there.  I think it’s such a pain determining which travel websites will give you the best deal on flights.  When I tried to find out which website would get me to Cabo for spring break for the cheapest, I gave up after researching the tenth one with no improvement in the price.  You don’t need to look at a million of these travel websites to find the best deal.  In my experience, the biggest names are actually the best.  My friends have told me so many obscure and smaller sites like Student Universe and Cheapoair that have always ended up charging more than Expedia or Orbitz.  For my backpacking journey for the summer of 2012, I have been comparing prices among these different websites for a one-way ticket to Guatemala.  From what I have found, most of these sites have the same prices give or take $20.  Thanks to Expedia I was able to compare them to Orbitz, Kayak, Travelocity, Cheapoair, Priceline, and Vamana.  Orbitz, Priceline, and Travelocity all charged the same lowest price followed closely by Kayak and Expedia.  I would recommend these five websites to search for your airline and hotel needs.  The other two websites, Vamana and Cheapoair, were about $50 more expensive.  Next time you’re planning your vacation, don’t waste time looking at all these sites that will pretty much give you the same results.  Stick to the bigger names and you’ll most likely find a good deal.


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