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Summertime brings festivals, parades, and celebration for the people of Guatemala.  I’d like to highlight a few of the major festivals that take place during the summer in case you are looking for something to do.  If you plan on traveling to Guatemala, it would be a great idea to attend one of these events.  It provides you a chance to experience and learn about Guatemala’s culture and traditions.  You get a chance to see the traditions of the people.  I’ve done some research and I’d love to tell you some of the major festivals you must attend if you’re in Guatemala this summer.

-The Day of Saint James- This day is celebrated on July 25 in La Antigua Guatemala.  The city served as the nation’s capital until an earthquake destroyed the town and the capital moved to its present location of Guatemala City.  The town of Antigua celebrates the city’s original name of Santiago de los Caballeros on the saint’s day for Santiago as a commemoration.  Antigua holds a town fair complete with parades, music, and other thrilling festivities.

The Day of our Lady of the Asuncion- Guatemala City celebrates this day on August 15.  You can see the brotherhood of the Lady of Asuncion passing through the streets of the town on their way to the church in several other towns including Solola.

Independence Day- September 15 marks the day Guatemala declared independence from Spain in 1821.  It is a national holiday that is celebrated throughout the nation.  Several towns hold parades and of course the customary firework display.  The city of Quetzaltenango hosts the largest holiday fair in the country so definitely try to be there during this joyous occasion.

These events are the larger ones that take place during the summer so I recommend visiting these destinations when popular events are taking place.  Not only will the city be alive with cheer and patriotism, but you will be able to experience the cultural traditions of the Guatemala.  Learning about different cultures is the purpose of traveling so take advantage of these events as an opportunity to learn!

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