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I’ve recently caught the travel bug and decided that I’m going to plan a backpacking trip throughout Central and South America.  I haven’t had the chance to fully explore Latin America so I’ve chosen the summer after I graduate to trek around this culturally rich and fascinating region.  I have no backpacking experience whatsoever so preparing for this trip will definitely be a challenge.  I’ve been to Costa Rica and figure that it would be a solid starting point for my journey.  I want to fly into Costa Rica or a neighboring country and make my way southward.  My must-see destinations are Panama, Peru, Brazil, Argentina, and Chile, but would love to see as much as I possibly can.  My itinerary would look something like this

Home -> Costa Rica -> Panama -> Colombia -> Ecuador -> Peru -> Bolivia -> Chile -> Argentina -> Paraguay or Uruguay -> Brazil -> Home

Looking at a map on my computer makes this look like it will be a piece of cake.  However, I know Chile isn’t the size of my pinky and that makes me feel nervous about how I can possibly complete this journey in a timely manner.  I only want to travel for about 3-4 weeks.  I think that is a long enough time, but then again I have no idea about how the transportation works in these countries and how long it will take to get from point A to B or how long I’ll want to stay in each of these locations.  I’d love to incorporate some volunteer time throughout my trip too so I’ll be finding the best volunteering opportunities available.  Follow me through this journey to plan my backpacking adventure.  I’ll give you the best travel tips and advice that I find in my research.  I’d love to hear your input as well so feel free to comment or contact me with any information or ideas that you have.


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