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Best Beaches in Peru

Now that summer is here, the only place I want to be at is the beach. There’s nothing better than laying out in the warm sun and listening to the soothing sounds of waves crashing on the shore. I’m from Southern California so I’ve been a beach bum all my life. I think that everyone enjoys a nice day at the beach, which is why I want to tell you the best beaches Peru has to offer.
Punta Sal– Punta Sal is arguably the best beach in all of Peru. This small beach resort is located in northern Peru in the department of Tumbes. Because of its proximity to the warm El Nino current and the cold Humboldt Current that collide in this area, there is sunshine year round. The waters are calm and warm, averaging 75-82 degrees Farenheit.
Mancora– Mancora is a well-known surfing destination located in northwestern Peru in the Piura region. The weather is great and sunny almost all year. You’ll find that when you visit Mancora, it is extremely popular for young people.
Cabo Blanco– This beach destination is also located in northwestern Peru like Mancora. Cabo Blanco is legendary for big game fishing as well as surfing. People do not go here as much for relaxing purposes, but for recreation.
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