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Last week I told you about some popular Peruvian dishes to try when travelling.  This week I wanted to continue that idea and tell you about the cuisine from another country.  This semester, I’ve made it a goal of mine to try new recipes and I found a few Guatemalan dishes that sounded interesting and delicious.  I’ve never tried Guatemalan food so these dishes were very new to me.  Here are a few of the recipes I found to be the most intriguing and different than the food that I’m used to.

  • Fiambre Tradicional- This dish is usually served on the Day of the Dead, which is a holiday the country celebrates.  It is a kind of salad that has over 50 different ingredients.  Fiambre began from the tradition of bringing deceased family members their favorite dishes to the cemeteries.  Because each family brought a different dish, they eventually were mixed together creating fiambre.  Usually it is composed of different types of sausages and cold cuts, onion, beets, cheeses, olives, chicken, and pacaya flower.
  • Mole de Platano– When I was in Costa Rica, I fell in love with plantains.  This Guatemalan dish is fried plantain slices in mole sauce and flavored with cinnamon and sprinkled with seeds.  The mole sauce is common in Latin America and is usually comprised of onion, chilies, nuts, and unsweetened chocolate.
  • Subanik– As a warning, any dish that ends in “ik” will typically be spiced with chili peppers.  I personally enjoy spicy foods, but you can tone down the spiciness if you desire.  Subanik is a beef, pork, or chicken stew that has been vapor-cooked with a spicy sauce.  It is a Kaqchiquel Mayan Indian ceremonial dish that is very traditional to Guatemala.  Once cooked, the stew can be served with white rice or tamales.

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